New Policy Brief and Recommendations


Our policy brief to assess the impact of platformization in Finland. It was created for the inaugural multistakeholder roundtable on platform power and policy solutions. The consequent roundtables address media literacy and EU’s DSA package. More background materials can be found here.


CORDI has produced a policy brief titled Media Platformisation and Finland: How platforms have impacted the Finnish mediasphere and public life (eds. Esa Sirkkunen et al., 2021). The brief was launched at the conference Media Platformisation and Small Nations, 28-29 October 2021.

The brief gives an overview of challenges as well as empirical accounts of the role of platformisation in different aspects of the Finnish media landscape. It also offers 13 policy recommendations for policymakers and other stakeholders.

You can find the English-language brief and it recommendations in Finnish, here.

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