Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.46.15 AMTaking Concepts and Making Them Real.

Design of collaborative practices for multi-stakeholder issues and events.
Innovation in Higher Education.
In-depth knowledge of digitalization and global development.
Strategy-building for new non-profits.
Expert community- and network-building on- and off-line.
Quantitative and qualitative academic and applied, policy-focused research expertise, ranging from diversity analysis to Living Labs.
Advocacy for gender issues, public & Independent media, and communication rights .
BBA in International Business, MsSci in Communication and Language, PhD in Communication (Social Sciences). Executive diploma in Social Innovation.
Some organizations I worked/am working with: Aalto University, European Science Foundation, Finnish Broadcasting Company, Fordham University, Kota Alliance, Ministry of Communication and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, GESCI ICT Education and Innovation, New America Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Social Science Research Council, St. John’s University, University of Helsinki, United Nations.