New Nordic Think Tank!

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I am honored to be chosen to represent Finland in this new think tank by the Nordic Council of Ministers:

A new Nordic think tank will take a closer look at the tech giants’ influence on democracy in the Nordic Region and come up with proposals for solutions. The think tank, which consists of experts from the Nordic countries, is part of a broader effort by the Nordic ministers for culture in their joint work in this field.

PSM Manifesto

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The multi-stakeholder manifesto about the future of PSM has now been published, signed among others by luminaries such as Noam Chomsky and Jurgen Habermas.



The Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto is a result of the online discussion and consultation of the #InnoPSM project, Fall 2020-Spring 2021. The effort, spearheaded by Christian Fuchs of the University of Westminster, and Klaus Unterberger of ORF, the Austrian public broadcaster, resulted in the Manifesto that sets the stage for shared values and goals for the future.

The Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto text:

The Manifesto can be signed here:

#InnoPSM is a part of the CORDI work package on public service media. funded via the University of Westminster and coordinated by Alessandro D’Arma. Minna Horowitz co-coordinates the project on behalf of CORDI.

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Old is New Again: Public Service Media Rebuilding Trust

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Public service media, in its different reiterations, is needed more than ever to support and defend democracy.

While political and cultural contexts, organisational configurations, funding models and resources, even programmatic priorities and technological capacities may differ, the unifying characteristics remain: the basic, traditional mission and remit of quality services to all kinds of audiences. And while pressures on public service media mount all around the world, there are many strategies that exemplify and support that mission. This was the powerful message of  the PMA Conference Speak Out! Rebuilding Trust in Media and Democracy, in Kingston, Jamaica, 13 August 2018.

See my report on the conference, here.

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a book from blog posts?

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Maybe you have been harbouring secret thoughts about getting a book from those blog posts that you’ve been writing. I think about it too, occasionally, as patter is now several books worth of words.

Well, before you take the plunge, it’s worth just thinking about blogging and book writing. What do they have in common? How might they be different? What kind of book do you have in mind?

4950852061_35291ce2a9_b.jpg Would Vance Packard have blogged if the technology had been available to him?

Some bloggers put together a set of their most popular posts to create quickie ebooks. Such ebooks are downloadable from their website, and are either completely free or sold at very low cost. In blog based publications, the bloggers may have tidied the posts up and ordered them – but in essence what you get is a set of short pieces some of which you may have already read.

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