Communication Rights in the Digital Age 24-25 October 2019


Defining a field… Our #CommRightsHelsinki conference!


The rights-based perspective on ethical and political questions presented by the new digital media has recently regained attention in academic and political debates. This conference will address the interplay of national and global (universal and specific) characteristics of communication rights: What are some definitions of communication rights? Who are the policy and other actors defining these rights? What are current core issues or cases that pertain to communication rights?

The international conference, Communication Rights in the Digital Age, 24-25 October 2019 in Helsinki, was organized by the Helsinki Media Policy Research Group, the University of Helsinki, the ECREA Communication Law and Policy Section and the Euromedia Research Group, and supported by the IAMCR Communication Policy & Technology Section. It was also supported by CORDI, and five of the project’s researchers presented their work in the conference.

The opening panel asked: What rights, whose rights, and who cares?

Communication rights…

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