What to Do to Help a Victim of Cyber Violence? 10 Suggestions to Organizations and Individuals


Important insights on cyberviolence against women. By Maaria Drake, for the 4thGen Course.

girl of the 4th generation

Happy World Press Freedom Day!

Today, the 3rd of May, we celebrate the United Nations’ World Press Freedom Day. One of the themes this year is digital safety. The UN pays more and more attention to the topic – it is a growing concern because digital communications makes it difficult for journalists to protect themselves and their sources.

It is not only us journalists who have to be concerned about digital safety, though. As mentioned in previous posts, women have to respond to a growing amount of technology- and online-related violence against them. Common cases are stalking online, sexual harassment and using of personal information, photos and videos without permission.

A considerable problem connecting to digital safety is that victims don’t have the tools against online harassment and misuse or knowledge what to do to stop it. Often the case may also be that they don’t know how and…

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