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My background in media development stems from the gender perspective — so I was delighted to find this report Women in Media Development (by Internews). It was sent to my inbox by the great Who Speaks – Global Media Mapping Project (GMMP), a massive comparative longitudinal study effort conducted in collaboration of practitioners and scholars, to monitor gender in the news. (And then I found out that a dear friend and media development expert Susan Abbott has worked on it…)

Having participated in GMMP a few times, as well as been a part of the Screening Gender project of Northern European broadcasters (ages ago…) I was delighted to see these 10 principles, or steps, of good gender practices that the Women in Media Development report has teased out:

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These might be very applicable to any organizations wanting to focus their overall theme on gender…

In addition, the report includes a wonderful list of resources.

For example, it notes that the Global Media Policy Mapping Project includes the keyword gender. Gender and media policy-making is not a mainstream topic (although wonderful scholars such as Leslie Regan Shade have written about it so well). But it’s good to remember that gender in policies is also a part of media development:

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